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30 Nov 2014

Weekly Round-up November 28 2014

Hello there everyone. Well, it seems that I'm pretty bad at following my own advice about blogging regularly to increase business outreach. The last couple of weeks were a blogging #fail on my part - yikes.

No more excuses, let's dive straight into it!


I'm very happy to announce the completion of the Red Studio branding upgrade, which involved revamping our logo, brand colours, business stationery and website. The "refreshed" website is live at with a brighter, bolder look. Drop us a line and let us know if you like it.

Also... we're now on Instagram as well; be sure to follow us at @redstudiogd.

Interesting Links

We supported Grenadian graphic artist Alleyne Gulston and his entry in the Science Superhero design contest organised by the U.S.Embassy in Barbados.

Over 100 years of Caribbean history is documented in this photo-book 90 Degrees in the Shade. Thought-provoking and introspective.

There are some company logos that are so well-known, you don't need to see the name to identify the brand (Nike and the swoosh, Apple and the bitten apple). Take a look at some early versions of brand logos that are now instantly recognisable.

How should you respond when someone mentions your business on social media? This infographic breaks it down for us. (Pro-tip: respond calmly and professionally)

For a little humour, take a look at this animated short for a new e-book "EuroNightmare" by Aleix Sal√≥.

Apps and Software

Homes is a fun iOS app for kids, showing how other people live all over the world.

Just in time for Cricket World Cup 2015, it appears that ESPN is looking into a streaming subscription service for cricket.

Silicon Valley start-ups are full of people with the weirdest job titles. This fun website helps you pick your own.

Fellow designers will get a kick out of this online font kerning game.


As you may have heard, the latest version of Google's Android OS, Lollipop 5.0, has been released, with a brand new aesthetic based on design guidelines called Material Design. Look for material design to start popping up in artwork and design portfolios everywhere soon; personally I am quite smitten with the look and feel of it.

Here's a peek at a smartphone wallpaper I made; the wallpaper is available here as a freebie download for your personal use. Enjoy!

That's it for this week's round-up post. I hope to see you again next week around this date and time. Don't forget to follow Red Studio on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and check out my Behance portfolio. Have a fantastic week!

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