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4 Sept 2014

We're live!

It's taken some time but The RED Studio Blog is now online!

We've set up a blog at Blogspot, powered by Google's Blogger framework. We already use Google Apps for our domain and Blogger functionality is built into many aspects of the Apps experience. I must confess that we didn't have much hands-on experience with Blogger, as Wordpress is our go-to blogging platform. However we seized this opportunity to dive in and play around with Blogger's customisation options. As you can see, we've kept the simple look and feel, and of course the colour scheme, of our website.

The main aim of The Blog will be as a central hub for our social media updates. Additionally we will be posting our own articles, with special emphasis on web and graphic design information that we hope will be helpful to readers and clients. We may also share peeks at ongoing projects and insights into our particular design processes. (They're not textbook best practice, but they work for us!)

We hope you'll make The Blog part of your regular online reading list and we'll see you soon!

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